X-ray guided procedures

Before The Procedure

You will be given pre-procedure instructions over the phone and by email.  Not every procedure requires the same pre-procedure guidelines.  Please remember to adhere to the anti-coagulation instructions.  Some procedures do not require holding your blood thinners and some do.

If you are receiving sedation an IV will be started (usually in the hand) so the medications can be administered. It will be removed after the procedure.

During The Procedure

For most procedures you will lay on your stomach, face down.  You will be on an x-ray table so that the fluoroscope (X-Ray machine) can be positioned around you.  This enables your physician to view bony structures and accurately place the needle.

After The Procedure

You will be taken to the recovery area where we will check your blood pressure and vitals before letting you go home.  Normally your stay in the recovery area will last around 15-30 minutes.  If you received sedation for the procedure, you will need to have someone there to drive you home.

You will have a post-procedure follow up appointment scheduled 2 to 4 weeks after your procedure.  This is an important appointment to evaluate the success of the procedure.


If you have any questions about our services or procedures please give us a call or fill out this form! If you are looking to schedule an appointment please call and speak with a member of our staff.

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