We understand that research is a vital component for the advancement of any scientific field.  For this reason, we do our best to not only participate in research but stay current with ongoing research projects nationally.  Pain and regenerative medicine have many areas of active research in the national literature, including:

  • Non-opiate pharmacotherapy
  • Stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma
  • Neuromodulation (spinal cord stimulation and dorsal root ganglion stimulation) for chronic back and leg pain, CRPS and neuropathic pain
  • Peripheral nerve stimulation for peripheral focal pain
  • Ultrasound-guidance techniques for peripheral nerve, major joint, and muscle injections
  • Ketamine infusions for mixed pain disorders

While we do not participate in all of these trials, their ongoing progress is actively monitored through current literature review, colleague collaborations and small case series analysis.  We are happy to discuss the latest research with you during your clinic visit.

We also conduct and participate in clinical trials to help advance the field of non-surgical spine and joint care and provide the latest treatments to our patients.  Please feel free to inquire about current research projects if this interests you.


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