Superion Vertiflex Procedure

How does Superion Vertiflex treat LSS?

Spinal Diagnostics & Regenerative Medicine offers treatments and procedures with the safety and comfort of our patients in mind, including the Superion Vertiflex Procedure. Superion is a completely new, minimally invasive approach to treating lumbar stenosis that fills a gap in the continuum between conservative care and invasive surgery.

Superion is implanted through a small tube the size of a dime to reduce tissue damage and blood loss. It’s a simple outpatient procedure with a rapid recovery time and no destabilization of the spine. Visit Spinal Diagnostics & Regenerative Medicine in Colorado Springs to see if the Superion Vertiflex Procedure could be the answer to treating your lumbar stenosis.

Post-Operative Indirect Decompression

The Superion implant acts as an indirect decompression device. Its anatomic design provides optimal fit and preserves a patient’s anatomy and ability to maintain motion. Superion acts as an extension blocker, relieving pressure on the affected nerves in the manner that one would achieve relief in a seated or flexed position. Available in multiple sizes to accommodate varying patient anatomy, Superion ensures controlled movement and minimizes post-procedure complications. Superion was developed to provide patients with a safe and effective alternative when conservative treatment has failed and laminectomy is too aggressive.

Working With Boston Scientific

Our physicians at Spinal Diagnostics & Regenerative Medicine work with the best in the business to ensure our patients are taken care of. Learn more about the Vertiflex Procedure with Boston Scientific HERE.


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